Residence Hall Security

Ensuring the safety of you and your property at all times is of primary importance. Though Washington University in St. Louis maintains a relatively safe campus, it is ultimately up to you to protect yourself and your property. 

While living in a residence hall on campus, there are some important steps you can take to prevent unauthorized access to your building and room.​

What to do

  • Lock your door, even while you are at home.
  • Use the peephole in your door before opening it to someone who knocks.
  • Lock your windows, even while you are at home.
  • Never prop open doors. If you see a door propped, close it.
  • Don't allow people you do not know to "tailgate" behind you into the building. Every person who is authorized to be in your building should have either card access or a key. Politely tell persons attempting to follow you into your building that you cannot allow them in and that they should go to the Office of Residential Life to gain access. If someone follows you in anyway, call the Washington University Police Department.
  • Never loan your access card or keys to anyone. If you misplace your identification/access card, report the loss to WUPD immediately.
  • Record the serial numbers of your valuable personal property or register your items through our online property registration program​​. WUPD also offers a handy inventory card to help you record this vital information. Give the card to your family and ask them to store the information in a safe location.

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