Preventing Car Theft

Vehicles in parking lots always present a target for thieves. Over one million vehicles are stolen in the United States each year.

To protect your car and help prevent theft, the WUPD suggests that you:

  • Do not leave expensive property such as iPods, laptops, cellular phones, CDs, purses, GPS devices and radar detectors in plain view in your vehicle. Lock them in your trunk or take them into your residence.
  • Lock your vehicle and secure the keys.
  • Whenever possible, park in well-lit, busy areas.
  • Never hide a second set of keys in the vehicle. Extra keys can easily be found if a thief takes time to look.
  • On cold mornings, never leave your motor vehicle unattended while running it to warm it up.
  • Periodically check your license plates to make sure they haven't been stolen or the renewal tag removed.