Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for emergencies well in advance is one of the most effective ways to deal with potential disasters. Review the following precautions and prepare to take the steps recommended in the case of an emergency.


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How to report an emergency

If you witness an emergency situation, please report the emergency to the Washington University Police Department or to the Protective Services of the Medical Campus. The contact information of the nearest department depends on where you are located at the time of emergency.

Danforth Campus: Immediately call (314) 935-5555.
North Campus, South Campus, West Campus or Tyson Research Center: First, call 9-1-1. Next, call WUPD at (314) 935-5555.
Medical Campus: Call Protective Services at (314) 362-HELP (4357).
Off Campus: First, call 9-1-1. Next, call WUPD at (314) 935-5555.‚Äč