Information for Victims of Crime

There are certain rights to which victims of crime are entitled. Additionally, there are a wide variety of resources available at Washington University in St. Louis and in our local community to help victims cope with the stress of crime and to navigate the criminal justice process.

Many victims of crime go through a difficult adjustment period following the incident. Whether or not the victim has been physically hurt, it is likely that being victimized by crime will have an impact.

The trauma experienced as a result of crime is not a weakness; it is a stress-induced reaction to the loss of safety and security caused by the crime.

Missouri Crime Victims’ Rights

You have the right to:

  • Be present at all criminal justice proceedings that the defendant attends, including juvenile proceedings (if offense would be a felony)
  • Be informed of and heard at guilty pleas, sentencing, bail hearings, probation revocations and parole hearings
  • Be informed of trials and preliminary hearings
  • Restitution
  • Speedy disposition and appellate review of case
  • Reasonable protection from defendant
  • Information about escape or release of accused

Washington University Counseling Services

WUSTL students who have been victims of crime are eligible for counseling services to help them cope with the stress of crime victimization. Counseling services are offered through Student Health Services. To make arrangements to speak with a counselor, call (314) 935-6666.

Victim Services

The Crime Victim Advocacy Center in St. Louis offers services to victims whether or not a suspect has been arrested, or in cases in which the victim has not pursued prosecution. The Advocacy Center also provides free counseling services. For further information, visit the Advocacy Center website.

Crime Victim Compensation

In the state of Missouri, a victim of a crime may be reimbursed for certain expenses incurred as the result of that crime. For program and eligibility information, please visit the Crime Victims Compensation Fund website.​​​