on campus: 314-935-5555 off campus emergency: 911

Police Response Off-Campus: What To Expect

WUPD is a professional, accredited Law Enforcement organization and we pride ourselves on community and customer service based policing.

WUPD works in close partnership with our neighboring law enforcement partners University City PD, Clayton PD and St. Louis Metropolitan PD to complement their public safety efforts. Each of the aforementioned law enforcement agencies retain primary responsibility for any investigations, arrest, evidence collection or reports that occur off campus in those jurisdictions.

If you are in need of police services off campus in the neighborhoods adjacent to the Danforth Campus, the following will connect you with the appropriate law enforcement jurisdiction:

  • DIAL 911 or

After connecting with local law enforcement, contact WUPD at 314-935-5555. *If WUPD gets notified first, we will immediately connect the reporting party to the appropriate law enforcement jurisdiction for reporting.

Once WUPD is notified you can expect the following:

  • A WUPD Officer will be dispatched to your location to assist if the incident involves a WU student, faculty, staff or university owned property.
  • WUPD’s response times to calls for service are usually quicker than our law enforcement partners. *Please note that the respective law enforcement agency retains primary responsibility for any investigations, arrest, evidence collection or reports. Some of our law enforcement agency partners will take some reports over the phone and will not respond due to factors outside of WUPD’s control.
  • WUPD will document the details of our response when assisting law enforcement partners.
  • WUPD will offer university resources to the reporting party to include: Crime Prevention, RSVP, Title IX, Habif Health & Wellness, CARE Team, Security Escorts, to name a few.  

If during any encounter with a WUPD Officer you are not satisfied with the level of service received OR the level of service exceeds your expectations, we want to know about it!

Contact us through our website or call (314) 935-5555.

View our WUPD Off-Campus Patrol Zones HERE