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WUPD Feedback

Welcome to the WUPD Feedback Form. WUPD personnel strive to perform their duties in a competent, courteous and professional manner. We welcome feedback regarding the performance of our personnel, as this information helps us to improve our services.

We are always pleased when we are told that an employee’s performance has been outstanding; conversely, we need to know when an employee has not met your expectations. You may submit your comments via the online form below. If you’d like us to follow up with you, please provide your name and contact information.

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Compliments and complaints may also be submitted by mail or by phone:

By Mail
Washington University Police Departmen​t
One Brookings Drive
MSC 1038-0322-0G
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

By Phone
Please ask to speak to a supervisor.

Any on-duty WUPD supervisor can accept your comments, which will be forwarded to the Chief of Police for review. In the case of formal complaints, a supervisor will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the issue and the investigation process.

Formal Complaint Review Process

All completed complaint forms will be reviewed by the Chief of Police and a determination will be made as to assigning a supervisor to conduct a thorough investigation.  All complaints will be investigated in the event that sufficient factual information is provided and that the information warrants an investigation.  Once the investigation is initiated, the Chief of Police will notify the complainant that the investigation has begun and the anticipated date of completion.

Once the investigation is complete, the investigative report will be reviewed by the Chief of Police, who will determine which of the following best suits the facts uncovered by the investigation.

Unfounded Complaint: Investigation indicates that the act or acts complained of did not occur or did not involve department personnel.

Proper Conduct: The investigation indicates that the act or acts complained of did occur, but were justified, lawful and proper.

Insufficient Evidence: There is insufficient evidence to either prove or disprove the allegations made in the complaint.

Improper Conduct: The investigation disclosed sufficient evidence to clearly prove the allegations made in the complaint.

Improper Conduct Not Based on the Complaint: The investigation failed to prove the original complaint, but, discovered evidence of misconduct not a part of the original complaint.

Policy Failure: The investigation revealed that the alleged act(s) did occur; however, the member or employee was acting in accordance with established department policy.

Once the investigation is complete, the complainant will be advised of the results of the investigation.

The complainant may appeal the decision of the Chief of Police to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Operations.