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Bike Registration

If you are a student, faculty or staff member who will park your bike on campus, we STRONGLY recommend registering your bike with WashU and clearly displaying the registration shield on your bike in a visible manner. We also recommend using a Kryptonite U-lock with your bike, which are available for purchase at WUPD for $33.

The registration process is fast, easy and mobile-friendly!

  1. Visit project529.com/washu to register important details about your bike (make, model, serial number, etc.) and select your delivery/pick-up option.
  2. Review the email you receive from Project 529 that will include important registration information.
  3. Once you have your sticker, attach it to your bike in a visible manner.

Displaying a valid registration shield helps protect your bike from theft and facilitates the recovery of lost or stolen bikes. It also allows WashU to contact the owners of bikes that were impounded due to improper parking. For instance, a bike can be impounded immediately if it’s locked to anything except a bike rack, especially if it poses an ADA violation.

If you would like more information on purchasing a bike lock, please contact Sergeant Zack Kahn at zkhan@wustl.edu​.

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