on campus: 314-935-5555 off campus emergency: 911

Safety Tips

Though WashU maintains a relatively safe campus, we live in a metropolitan area that is busy and populated. We’ve compiled our top safety tips to stay safe and prevent yourself from being vulnerable.

  1. LOCK YOUR ROOM DOOR whenever you leave, even if it’s for a short time.  Also, be sure and lock your door when you will be showering or sleeping.
  2. NEVER PROP OPEN EXTERIOR DOORS.  If you see a door propped, close it.
  3. DON’T ALLOW PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW TO “TAILGATE” behind you into a building.
  4. NEVER LEAVE YOUR LAPTOP COMPUTER, textbooks, cell phone, book bag, purse or other valuables unattended or out of your line of sight.
  5. AVOID WALKING OR JOGGING ALONE and never walk or jog alone after dark.  Always choose a well-lit path and avoid dark, remote or vacant areas.
  6. AVOID WORKING OR STUDYING ALONE in a campus building.  Avoid isolated areas. 
  7. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR BIKE with a well-made lock.
  8. TRAVEL AND PARK ON WELL-LIGHTED STREETS. Be aware of your surroundings before entering or exiting your vehicle.  Have your whistle handy to summons help, if necessary. 
  9. DO NOT LEAVE PROPERTY such as backpacks, purses, cell phones and other electronics in plain view in your vehicle.  Lock them in your trunk or take them into your residence. 
  10. IF YOU SEE A SUSPICIOUS PERSON or someone you don’t believe should be in or around the building, call the POLICE immediately.

For more information about related programs, please contact our Crime Prevention Office at 935-5084. 

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