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After 39 Years Of Service With Our Campus Community We Say “Good-bye” to Security Guard Zach Dunbar

Zach Dunbar started with the University in August of 1981 where he worked in Parking and Transportation as a bus driver. In his role as a bus driver, Zach provided escort services and also assisted in transporting mail/payroll to both the Danforth/Medical School campuses.

In 2002 Zach joined our department as a Police Service Aide. He supported patrol operations by conducting proactive patrols of campus, assisting in access control issues and providing escorts to our campus community.

Zach’s most notable experience here at WashU was receiving his 35 year Service Award personally from Chancellor Mark Wrighton.

On June 1st, 2020 after 39 years of service Zach will retire from Washington University. Zach has been a dedicated employee and a great friend to those across the campus. His dedication and warm friendliness will be sincerely missed not only here at WUPD but the throughout the whole WashU community.