on campus: 314-935-5555 off campus emergency: 911

Crime Log

September 11, 2023
Security Memo
Shepley Dorm

Date/Time Occured

09/11/2023 at 12:16 AM


At 12:13 am, four male subjects not affiliated with the University “tailgated” into Shepley Dorm behind a student. The four subjects went to the second floor of Shepley Dorm and knocked on the door of a suite. Two students who were in the common area of the suite heard the knock on the door and looked through the peephole. The students partially opened the door and closed it again after the subjects said something unintelligible to them. The students returned to their rooms and then heard a loud noise. When they returned to the common area they observed that someone had damaged the door to their suite. Nothing appeared to have been taken and there were no injuries reported.

WUPD officers arrived on scene within minutes but the subjects had already left the area. A review of CCTV confirmed that the subjects had left campus at 12:33 am. The Washington University Police Department was able to locate and interview the driver of the vehicle that the subjects left campus in and charges are pending.


The Washington University Police Department is still actively investigating this incident.


Report suspicious activity immediately to the Washington University Police Department at 314-935-555, or go to the nearest emergency blue light telephone.
• Don’t allow people you do not know to “tailgate” behind you into buildings on campus.
• When someone knocks at your door, don’t open it unless you know your visitor or you can confirm that the person should be in the building.
• Never prop open exterior doors or gates. If you see a door propped, close it.
• Lock your door, even when you are at home.
• Lock the windows to your dorm room when closed, even if you are home. Close and lock windows when you leave your dorm room.
• If you arrive at your room to find your door ajar, hear unusual sounds or believe your suite has been broken into, DON’T GO IN! Go to a telephone and call the Police.
• If you have security or safety concerns about your suite or building facilities, contact Residential Life or WUPD.