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Crime Log

January 21, 2022
Security Memo-Burglary
700 blk Westgate

Date/Time Occured

01/21/2022 at 4:30 PM


A student reported that he and his three roommates, who are also students, were having a gathering with five other students in their private apartment in the 700 Block of Westgate. While the students were in the front living room of the apartment, an unknown individual stood on a table outside of the building and opened an unlocked 1st floor window. The individual climbed through the window into a bedroom. Once inside, the subject stole a set of car keys and a wallet belonging to one of the students living in the apartment. The subject then climbed back out the same window and left the area in the student’s vehicle. No one who was present in the apartment saw or heard anything suspicious.

Since the reporting of this incident, the student’s vehicle has been recovered by local law enforcement.


University City Police is investigating


Report suspicious activity immediately to Police at 911 or go to the nearest emergency blue light telephone.
• Lock your door, even when you are at home.
• Lock the windows to your apartment when closed, even if you are home. Close and lock windows when you leave your apartment.
• Remove objects such as coolers, chairs and small tables from outside your apartment. These objects may assist someone to easily access windows.
• If you have a sliding glass door, secure it further by placing a piece of wood in the track to prevent it from opening.
• Never prop open exterior doors or gates. If you see a door propped, close it.
• Don’t allow people you do not know to “tailgate” behind you into the building.
• When someone knocks at your door, don’t open it unless you know your visitor or you can confirm that the person should be in the building.
• If you arrive home to find your door ajar, hear unusual sounds or believe your apartment has been broken into, DON’T GO IN! Go to a telephone and call the Police.
• If you have security or safety concerns about your apartment or building facilities, discuss this information with your landlord.
• Consider installing a personal surveillance monitoring device on the entrance to your apartment.
• When you are away from your residence, leave your interior lights on.