on campus: 314-935-5555 off campus emergency: 911

Emergency Communications Protocol

Danforth Campus

In the event of a campus emergency or criminal activity affecting Washington University in St. Louis, a notification will be sent to the campus community. The type of notification, the modes in which distributed, as well as the recipients, will vary depending on the nature of the incident.

WashUAlert (Emergency Notification)

These alerts are sent in the event of emergencies that pose an immediate threat to the campus community, in life-threatening situations and when safety of the members of the WashU community could be in serious danger. WashUAlerts will contain guidance for taking protective actions. If you receive a WashUAlert, TAKE ACTION. 

WashUAlerts are always sent to the WashU Mobile app (Apple iTunes or Google Play), WashUReady’s Facebook page and Twitter page, in addition to more traditional methods.

Examples: Approaching tornado, person with a weapon on campus

Crime Alert (Timely Warning)

This type of notification provides warning of criminal activity that has been reported to WUPD or Protective Services and has occurred on campus or contiguous to campus, or on other University property. The criminal activity is believed to present a serious or continuing threat to students and employees. Crime alerts are sent when pertinent information is available to university law enforcement.

Examples: Rash of burglaries on campus property

Security Memo

This notification informs members of the community, or selected groups within the community, of criminal activity that has recently occurred and has been reported to WUPD or Protective Services. The criminal activity does not pose an immediate or continuing threat and may only affect a segment of our population. 

Example: Robbery in Delmar Loop