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Crime Alerts

June 3, 2021
Security Memo
East End Danforth Campus

Date/Time Occured

06/03/2021 at 3:10 PM


Previously Reported Person with a Weapon

This afternoon a community member reported to WUPD that they had seen a person carrying something that looked like a gun on the east end of the Danforth Campus. They reported that the individual was walking toward an academic building.

WUPD issued an emergency alert to the Danforth Campus with instructions to shelter in place, or to “Run, Hide, Fight” if anyone were to encounter a dangerous person. Officers conducted a thorough search of buildings on the east end of campus and located the person in question within about an hour. After speaking with the person, officers determined that there was no threat. An all-clear message was sent to campus at 4:23 pm.


Report suspicious persons or activity immediately to University Police at 5-5555 or go to the nearest emergency
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