on campus: 314-935-5555 off campus emergency: 911

Crime Alerts

March 12, 2021
Security Memo
Gregg House

Date/Time Occured

03/12/2021 at 10:00 AM


On Thursday morning, WUPD officers responded to Gregg House to assist a staff member. The staff member reported that they saw a person inside Gregg House whom they did not recognize as a resident. WUPD determined that the person had entered Gregg House by “tailgating” in through a door while students were exiting the building. When the staff member asked the person if they needed help, the person became very argumentative. WUPD determined that the person exited Gregg House and immediately left campus.

It is believed that the same person was inside Gregg House 1st floor common room on Wednesday, March 10th. WUPD officers were able to locate and identify this person and issue him a Trespass Warning because he was not affiliated with the University nor a guest of a community member.

ResLife notified the residents of Gregg House about this incident.

Just after midnight last night, the same person was located on the South40. WUPD officers made contact with this person and escorted him off campus.

At approximately 10:00 this morning, the person was again observed entering the Danforth Campus. WUPD officers located the person in the DUC and placed him under arrest for trespassing. He was escorted to a nearby patrol vehicle and driven to the WUPD station. While as the station, the person indicated that he was treated at a local hospital last evening for an undisclosed injury and requested additional medical treatment. Clayton Paramedics were immediately dispatched and transported the person, who was conscious and alert, to a local hospital for additional treatment.


Be alert to your surroundings.
Do not let people you do not know into the building as you enter or leave the building. Inform them that they are required to swipe in to access the building.
Do not prop open doors. If you see a propped door, please close it.
Report any door or window mechanical issues that may prevent the door from being fully secured.
If you see someone who you do not know inside the residence hall behaving suspiciously, do not confront them. Instead call WUPD immediately at 314-935-5555.