ATM Safety

The proliferation of automated teller machines (ATMs) has made cash accessible almost everywhere 24 hours a day. A would-be robber knows that a person using an ATM will usually leave the machine with cash.

Before you approach the ATM, have your card ready, know your code, and, if anything such as a deposit slip needs to be filled out, have it completed.

Memorize your PIN. Do not write it on your ATM card.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Be alert for anything suspicious, especially someone who appears to be "hanging around" the area, or two or more people in a nearby vehicle, particularly if no one else is at the ATM.​ 

When you are using the ATM and someone is closer to you than you would like, cancel your transaction and go to a safe location until that person leaves.

Using ATMs at Night

If you must use one at night, select an ATM that is well lit and not in a secluded, low visibility area. Particularly after dark, take a companion along, and park close to the ATM if at all possible.

Drive-up ATMs

At a drive-up ATM, keep all your car windows closed, except the one you are using, and keep all vehicle doors locked. Keep the vehicle running and be watchful of the vehicle's front, rear and sides. If someone approaches your vehicle on foot, cancel the transaction and leave.

Completing Your ATM Transaction

When your ATM transaction is completed, take your property and put it in your pocket, wallet or purse, and leave immediately. Never stand and count your money. Always have your head up and be aware of your surroundings when you leave an ATM. If you sense that someone is following you, walk or drive to the nearest open business or a populated area, and call the police.