Bicycle Security

Bicycles are an excellent mode of transport around the Washington University in St. Louis campus and neighborhood

The Washington University Police Department offers the following security tips to help you protect your bicycle from theft. 

Register your bike

Cyclists should be aware that statistics show an estimated half-million bicycles are stolen in the United States each year. 

Registering your bicycle with WUPD ​ensure there is a record of all your bike’s vital information, such as its make, model, color, serial number, etc.​

Use a U-Lock

Bicycles not locked with sufficiently secure devices are especially vulnerable to theft. A lightweight cable or a small, dog collar-type chain can be easily pried open or cut. Proper use of a strong, reliable lock will make a difference in bicycle security. 





The Washington University Police Department recommends that you use a U-lock, such as those manufactured by Kryptonite®. Discounted Kryptonite® locks are available 24/7 at the WUPD office at Lien House.


If you use a U-Lock, position the bicycle frame and wheels so that as much open space as possible within the U-portion of the lock is filled or taken up. This makes it more difficult for a thief to use tools to attack the lock. Bicycle accessories that can easily be removed, such as quick-release wheels and seats, also should be secured with a lock.


Do lock your bike:

  • to a fixed, immovable object like one of the many bicycle racks on campus
  • in a visible and well-lighted place 

Don’t lock your bike:

  • to small trees, aluminum or wooden posts, or chain link fences
  • to accessible ramps
  • to itself. If a thief wants your bike, it can be easily lifted up and carried away if locked only to itself.