Identity Theft and Fraud

Identity theft is one of the most quickly growing and most profitable crimes in the United States. "Identity theft and fraud" refers to obtaining and using someone else's personal data in a way that involves fraud or deception, typically for economic gain. 

Criminals may use your personal information to open up a new credit card or bank account attached to your identity.

Protect your personal information against identity theft and fraud:

  • Never provide personal information (Social Security number, credit card number, address, etc.) to anyone unless you initiate the contact and are familiar with the business.
  • Limit the amount of confidential or personal information you carry in your wallet or purse. Do not carry bank account numbers, personal identification numbers (PIN), birth certificates, etc.
  • Destroy — preferably shred — credit card applications you receive in the mail and don't use.
  • Review your credit card bills and checking account statements as soon as you receive them to ensure that no fraudulent activity has taken place.
  • If you believe you have been the victim of identity theft, report the crime to police immediately.

For additional information, please visit the Missouri Attorney General’s identity theft information page.​